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The Biggest Trapped in the Closet Fan Site on the World Wide Web! | R. Kelly’s Closet

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Well here we are now…

Posted 27 August 2005 • Updated 7 February 2006 | Edit

Closing the closet door…

This site has run its course. The functionality will persist in slow decay like a jeep stuck in the mud beneath high-tension wires. See: clairechanel.com for other projects in the same spirit.


Welcome to R. Kelly’s Closet, the biggest Trapped In The Closet fan site on the World Wide Web!

We are here to serve the creative community growing up around R. Kelly’s ever-evolving song cycle. You are encouraged to leave your thoughts, contribute your own work, or make a link to an existing piece of Trapped In The Closet-inspired art. Please contact Claire Chanel with any questions or suggestions. We’re a young site and there is still a lot of growing to do!

Tracker Cleanup

In order to reduce server load, the tracker has been cleaned off. Only the odd and unusual files remain. There are many more acapellas on the way and they will all be available as direct downloads.

What can I do here?

Publish your own work

Pull a Trey Songz and tell another side of the story. Open up an audio editor and dub out the instrumental with some fan acapellas. Cut up some found video or 3-d game footage to recast the videos like Kendra Flemons’ machinima adaptation.

Of course, you can go the crazy route with an all-out parody like Jimmy Kimmel or the folks behind Harry Potter: Trapped in the Closet Under the Stairs.

Don’t sweat the bandwidth. Publishing big files is easy with the R. Kelly’s Closet Broadcast Machine.

Share resources with the community

Every article on this site is an open request for your comments. Participate!

Anytime you find quality R.Kelly material elsewhere on the web, post a new article to R. Kelly’s Closet and include the link. If you only have a few seconds, post it to del.icio.us, tag it rkelly, and it will appear in the menu at the right.

Press Inquiries?

Press Release: R. Kelly’s Closet Launch, 01 November 2005

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